Issued: 22 August 2018

Digital signage brings 20/20 vision to Barnsley

SIS Digital's work with retail businesses has recently taken us to the Barnsley branch of iVision Opticians – we welcome them to the digital revolution! Here, owner Stephen Shaw shares his thoughts on how the installation of the Dynascan DS552LT4 55” screen has impacted their business.

“We had heard about high brightness digital displays but didn’t really know the first thing about them. We were keen to explore new digital technologies and move on from traditional printed posters. A quick browse on the internet brought us to SIS Digital. From the moment we contacted SIS Digital, our enquiry was dealt with quickly and efficiently. Andrew Simister came out to meet with us and recommended the Dynascan DS552LT4 55”, as being the most suitable for our requirements. Soon after we placed an order.

I am delighted to say that the screen doesn’t disappoint. Even on the sunniest of days, the screen is clearly visible and found that the auto–brightness setting is great at adjusting to ambient light. We have already received several incredibly positive comments and the screen was only installed a few days ago. The screen has also attracted walkers–by to come and visit us at our practice.

Overall, we are extremely impressed with our Dynascan DS552LT4 55” and we would recommend SIS Digital to anyone considering moving over to digital signage. We plan to roll out digital signage to other practices over the next few months due to the success of our first installation.

For more detail on SIS Digital’s work in the retail industry, please contact info@sis–

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