Issued: 5 September 2018


The shift from traditional roadside billboards to digital roadside is evident across the UK, and with more national corporations and SMEs looking for a creative and impactful way to communicate with customers, this change is growing in importance.

As part of SIS Digital's mission to fully integrate digital screens into UK out–of–home advertising, Bradford welcomes another fantastic D48 screen, on behalf of our clients 8 Outdoor

Located on Shipley Airedale Road, the Leisure Exchange D48 will be seen continuously by commuters going to and from work, as well as those visiting the iconic Bradford Leisure Exchange. This screen has a great combination of high dwell time as well as long–range visibility provided by the nearby traffic lights and ring road.

The addition of this screen brings Bradford’s total Digital screens installed by SIS Digital to two and adds to 8 Outdoors ever–increasing portfolio of large format roadside digital screens

Bradford is now a member of Yorkshire cities who have multiple 8 Outdoor screens built by SIS Digital, along with Leeds, Mansfield and Sheffield, and enhances SIS’s presence in the North West of England.

For more information about our work in Bradford, Yorkshire or North West England, please contact info@sis–

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