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Photo of the Parkway Tower digital billboard on the A312 Parkway close to London's Heathrow Airport
Photo of a transparent LED screen display being used by an automotive retailer


Car and automotive dealerships are increasingly embracing digital screens both within their showrooms and service centres, and for external signage.  After all, what’s likely to get your customer’s pulse racing more – a printed poster of the latest top-of-the-range convertible, or a stunning video of the same car sweeping along a magnificent mountain highway?

SIS Digital is a leading supplier of digital screens to the UK automotive sector.  Our digital kiosks, transparent LEDs (left ), video walls and other wall-mounted LED/LCD signs cater for a wide variety of indoor advertising and communications applications, while our digital totems and large-format LED billboards are perfect for outdoor advertising, signage and branding.  We are also experts in iAd365 illuminated fascia signage.

Digital displays demand attention, and can contain 3D animation, video and interactive content.  They can be networked and updated remotely – in seconds – and print costs are things of the past.  It is easy to manage and control digital signage centrally – so content need never be out of date again, and there’s no staff downtime while static signs are changed.

Today’s automotive showrooms are intended to be high-energy, exciting places – where customers are made to feel special – and digital signage is now a vital component in their design.


Audi logo
SIS Digital is the company behind the development, construction and installation of the distinctive outdoor point-of-sale sign at London’s premier Audi dealership on the eastbound A4 at Brentford in Middlesex, UK.  Installed in 2016, the sign has become a familiar landmark in the area.

Designed to the same exacting standards that Audi brings to its vehicles, the high definition LED double-sided display soars some 23 metres above ground level on a bespoke steel tower built by SIS Digital.  It is one of the highest fixed structure digital signs in the country, and promotes Audi’s product and finance options around the clock – fully harnessing the advantages of its prime location.  It is seen by nearly a million motorists a week.


2 x 14.1 m2




8000 Cd/m2


Custom steel by SIS Digital




A4, Brentford, Middlesex

A few of our clients

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