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SIS Digital is a United Kingdom leader in the digital screen revolution, and makes it easy and cost-effective for organisations of all types to access their benefits.  We are able to supply almost any system, although we focus on the main screen types outlined below.        Scroll to end of page
Photo of a large-format LED billboard display

LED billboards

Also known as outdoor, roadside and digital out-of-home (DOOH) signage, LED billboards are our biggest seller.  In fact, we are responsible for the design, construction and installation of nearly 72% of all roadside billboards in the UK.

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LCD displays and touch screens

Our HD or Ultra HD 4K LCD displays are available with a touch interactive option, and can be single or double-sided.  We can configure LCD displays as outdoor billboards and totems, indoor kiosks, digital wayfinders, menu boards and more...

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Photo of an LCD touchscreen display - this one is outdoors
Photo of an IP-rated digital totem sign

Digital totems and kiosks

Our totems/kiosks feature the latest full HD and Ultra HD professional screens – using super-bright LCD or LED displays to deliver content with pixel-perfect accuracy and high impact.  Single- or double-sided, they are available in a range of sizes and formats.

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Digital menu boards

Want to advertise a new promotion in your restaurant tomorrow?  Or are you still promoting that delicious summer salad after the weather has suddenly turned?  With SIS Digital’s LCD menu boards updates can be made instantly... and with zero print costs.

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Photo of a digital menu board sign - this one is at a Harry Ramsden restaurant
Photo of an impressive video wall display

Video walls

Don’t let your beautiful visuals get broken-up with heavy gridlines from thick bezels, or washed-out with bland colours.  At SIS Digital we use ultra-narrow bezel screens in our video walls to create a nearly seamless visual experience.

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Digital wayfinders

Making use of sophisticated mapping tools and touch screen functionality – and even responsive to real-time events – these wall-mounted or free-standing digital kiosk displays are flexible ways of directing, informing, engaging and managing your visitors.

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Photo of an outdoor digital wayfarer kiosk
Photo of transparent LED screens at M&M's World in London

Transparent LED screens

A recent innovation in digital signage, transparent LED screens can be placed over a storefront window or directly in front of products.  Suitable for day- and night-time use, they allow content to be displayed without eliminating daylight or obscuring the merchandise.

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