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Digital signage is all about communication... and understanding the rapidly developing range of products available to communicate your message is our job.  As an independent business we are not tied to any supplier; indeed we scour the world to bring you the best LCD screens for your project and budget.

Technological advances mean LCD displays are now suitable for outdoor use.  These 'high bright' screens remain readable in full sunlight.

Our HD or Ultra HD 4K LCD displays can be single or double-sided, with individual panel dimensions from 10 to 120".  They are fully IP rated, with internal climate control, and can also incorporate wayfinding and beacon technology.

As with all digital signage, the ability to update content at the touch of a button means no more print costs or print delivery waiting times.  With just a few clicks you're done – it couldn't be simpler.  And your staff can be allocated to more productive tasks.


SIS Digital's LCD screens are also available with a touch interactive option.  Our high quality touch screens enhance the customer experience, and are perfect for demanding point-of-sale, point-of-purchase and other high-traffic environments.  They can direct, inform, engage and manage your customers – saving you time and money.

Customers love our touch screens because they provide tailored information, enabling them to make on-site transactions with ease.  They give any venue a state-of-the-art vibe.

We can configure LCD displays as outdoor billboards and totems, indoor kiosks, digital wayfinders, menu boards and more – all with touch screen order and information technology as required.  Our systems are simple and quick for management and staff to use, and require no design or IT knowledge.

If you're thinking about LCD or touch screen digital signage, or you just want to find out more, then please contact us today.

Photo of an LCD touch screen ordering and payment system

Photo of touch screen retail kiosk


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PORTFOLIOLCD displays and touch screens

Nike touchscreen

Small digital totem

Outdoor video wall for Tesco Extra

Double-sided touch screen wayfinder

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Touch screen retail display

Touch screen retail display

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