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SIS Digital is a United Kingdom leader in the digital screen revolution, and makes it easy and cost-effective for organisations of all types to access their benefits.  We are able to supply almost any system, and focus on the principal markets outlined below.        Scroll to end of page

Digital out-of-home (DOOH)

SIS Digital is the leading supplier in the DOOH marketplace.  We are the company behind the design, construction and installation of almost 72% of all digital out-of-home/roadside screens in the United Kingdom.

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Digital displays integrated into POS/POP fixtures, plus digital totems/kiosks, and hanging and wall-mounted screens – are powerful and profitable tools for retailers, capturing the customer's attention close to the point of sale.

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Hospitality & leisure

Market leaders in hospitality and leisure have become skilled at driving engagement with their customers – promoting special offers, events and branding, as well as providing them with useful information.  Digital signage means this can be done in real time and with no ongoing print costs.

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As a property owner or landlord you may be sitting on a substantial under-utilised asset – the internal and external walls of your buildings as potential advertising sites.  Or you may simply need to communicate with your visitors, delegates, students or customers...

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Car and automotive dealerships are increasingly embracing digital screens both within their showrooms and service centres, and for external signage.  SIS Digital is a leading supplier of digital screens to the UK automotive sector.

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Large sporting arenas such as race courses, sports centres, motorsports circuits, running tracks and other stadia are using affordable digital screens for an increasingly wide range of applications – communicating with fans and generating substantial advertising revenues.

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