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SIS is the group behind SIS Digital Media, SIS Digital Networks and Vision Park.

A multi-million pound turnover company, the group’s mission is to make it easy for media owners and organisations of all types to join the digital signage revolution and access the benefits of digital screens.  It is committed to delivering high quality, cutting-edge technology that is also reliable, eco-friendly and cost-effective.

The group comprises the following principal business units...


Photo of the UK's largest digital roadside sign - a double-sided 90 square metre giant on the M25 near Heathrow Airport
This is the revolutionary signage company behind many of the world’s most iconic – and some of the largest – digital advertising structures.  It is responsible for the installation of almost 72% of all digital roadside screens in the UK.

Based in London in the United Kingdom, SIS Digital Media has a sales office in Harrogate, UK, and a development and innovation centre in Shenzhen, China.


Photo showing steel and aluminium fabrication at Vision Park - SIS Digital's factory in Peterborough, which includes a digital sigange showroom
The technological heart of the group, Vision Park specialises in steel and aluminium fabrication at any scale.

Based at a modern 20,000 sq ft (1860 sq metre) factory in Peterborough, UK, the business provides fast design, construction and engineering facilities for the assembly of signage structures, plus a clean-room environment for the calibration of screens.  There is also a showroom where an extensive range of new digital signage technology is available for demonstration through sister company, SIS Digital Media.


Photo showing an extremely tidy network/telecoms infrastructure installation by SIS Digital Networks
This specialist contractor provides high quality network infrastructure installations in internal and external environments using copper cable and optical fibre.  It is one of very few companies with a proven track record of successfully serving both public sector and commercial clients – and is authorised to work on secure MOD facilities.

With experience spanning 25 years, SIS Digital Networks undertakes data, communications/telephony, VOIP, CCTV and videoconferencing installations – using point-to-point, wireless and satellite connections.  It also supports sister company SIS Digital Media in providing power and data connectivity for digital signage installations.

Photo of a neat electrical containment installation by SIS Digital Networks

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