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Photo of SIS's digital menu boards in a quick service restaurant
Photo of a group of information kiosks employing digital LCD screens
Photo of a large format LED screen at Rotherham Football Club


Large sporting arenas – race courses, sports centres, motorsports circuits, running tracks and other stadia – are expensive places to run.  Many have consequently evolved into multi-functional venues, catering in addition for concerts, conventions, festivals, competitions and shows.

Today’s fans and concert-goers have smartphones in their pockets, and HD or even Ultra HD/4K televisions at home – and are demanding a live experience that at least matches the one they would receive from their armchairs.  They want to be able to watch the event wherever they are – in their seats, at the restaurant/bar, or when queuing for refreshments or the Tote.

Venue owners and managers are responding to these demands by embracing the digital signage revolution in a wide variety of ways...

Digital stadium screens – these large-format LED display and broadcast screens are used to transmit live action and replays from the field.  Content can be overlaid with scoring, safety messages and corporate branding.  The screens can be leased.

LCD totems and fixed screens – these are increasingly being used in fan zones to deliver information, branding and advertising.  With content that's easily and quickly updatable, they are driving sales in restaurants, bars, club shops, etc.  Interactive touch screen kiosks and wayfinders are also found in pedestrianised areas and car parks.

Digital perimeter screens – available in pitch-side and tier versions, perimeter LED screens are used to deliver national and local advertising and branding, plus corporate messages – and to promote other events.  Such displays are now substantial revenue generators at football, rugby, cricket, horse racing, motorsport and similar venues nationwide.

Digital menu boards – increasingly used in restaurants, cafes, clubs and bars, these LCD screens can be updated in seconds, and are configurable to display periodical promotional and other messages.

RDT bookmaker screens – SIS Digital is the inventor and exclusive provider of innovative high-bright LCD screens for trackside bookmakers and turf accountants.  Battery powered, they are portable, yet remain readable in full sunlight – enabling instant and clear updates to be made to betting odds, etc. (see case study just below ).

SIS Digital offers affordable package deals for every size and type of digital screen in every size and type of sports venue.


SIS Digital has developed a new digital display solution for Racecourse Data Technologies (RDT), the on-course betting software company behind British horse racing.  The custom-designed screens are ultra-lightweight and IP-rated (weatherproof), and substantially increase racecourse bookmakers' visibility with their customers.

SIS Digital's RDT displays are battery powered and are ideal for outdoor events.  They are optimised to remain clearly readable even in bright sunlight.


42" Dynascan




2500 Cd/m2


Custom design by SIS Digital


1920 x 1080


22 kg

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