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Graphical concept for full-colour transparent LED screens

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SIS Digital is proud to be the UK’s leading expert in the design, construction and installation of transparent LED displays.  We installed the first one in the country – at M&M World’s flagship store in London’s Leicester Square – and we haven’t looked back since.

A transparent LED screen adds the ‘wow’ factor to point-of-sale merchandising.


Transparent LED screens can be placed over a storefront window or positioned directly in front of products.  They allow static, animated and video content to be displayed without blocking the window or obscuring the merchandise.

SIS Digital’s transparent LED displays are highly adaptable, making them perfect for a wide variety of applications.  Whether you’re a retail chain, independent store owner, restaurant, estate agent, showroom, events venue, airport, shopping mall or other organisation – a transparent LED display will transform your point-of-sale promotions without sacrificing visibility or greatly reducing ambient lighting levels.

Designed for internal use only, planning permission is not normally required, and they can be built to any size.

Graphical representation of a large wall of transparent LED screens


  • Plug-&-play functionality
  • Unparalleled transparency – up to 80% ambient light transmission
  • Low weight – at just 18kg a panel these displays are half the weight of a standard LED
  • Super brightness for day and night use (including direct sun)
  • Pixel pitches from P5 to P10 mm


large format digital screens installed this year


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PORTFOLIOTransparent LED displays

Transparent screen in automotive display

Transparent screen in retail display

Transparent screen in automotive retail

Transparent screen in independent retailer

M&M's World's London flagship store with transparent displays

M&M's World's London flagship store with transparent displays

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