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SIS Digital’s LCD video walls are attention-demanding, cost-effective displays that are increasingly being used in commercial applications – indoors and out.

Organisations in the retail, leisure, entertainment, exhibition, hospitality and other sectors are discovering how state-of-the-art video wall systems can deliver high-definition, high impact images and video at any scale.

A video wall is an integrated system comprising a set of high-resolution screens driven by a video wall controller.  They typically achieve higher resolution, higher brightness and greater contrast than front- or rear-projection systems, and with a much lower space footprint.  All video walls retain their brightness levels irrespective of their size, and today’s systems are suitable for use outside and in direct sunlight.

They are perfect for reception areas, conference rooms, events and public spaces.


Don’t let your beautiful visuals get broken-up with heavy gridlines from thick bezels or washed-out with bland colours.  At SIS Digital we use ultra-narrow bezel screens in our video walls to create a nearly seamless visual experience.

Our advanced colour calibration and brightness settings mean crystal-clear, pin-sharp images – ensuring your message is delivered in style, and with the greatest possible impact.

Video walls can also be used as programmable interactive displays and touch screens, and have the added benefit of being able to incorporate material from multiple sources.

SIS Digital’s LCD video walls use 46” and 55” panels, with ultra-narrow bezels, and have custom-built vertical or horizontal mounting systems.

Photo of a modern video wall used in fashion retail

Photo of a single video wall panel


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Outdoor video wall for Tesco

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Video walls in retail store

Video walls in retail store

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